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Why Should I Choose Hawton & Kitamura, Accounting Services?

Size – Some firms are too small (1 or 2 people), they do not have the resources to do the accounting, the marketing, the invoicing, professional development and service their clients.  Some firms are too big (more than 20 people), who usually demand a high fee and generally service large corporations.  At HK Accounting, we have 11 people – large enough to service your needs; small enough to give you personal attention at cost effective prices.

Fees – Nobody likes surprises when it comes to fees.  Our monthly clients appreciate a fixed monthly fee.  Our yearly clients know their fee in advance.  We always “Inform before we Perform”.

Deadlines – We have the systems in place to know what our deadlines are each month.  Our goal is to meet or beat every deadline.  Our policy is to pay the penalties for late filings if we are at fault.

Philosophy – To establish a “win-Win” relationship with each client. This means developing a long-term relationship where both parties are successful.

Connection – We establish chemistry with all business relationships, clients, vendors and colleagues.  We do this through humor, honesty, integrity and humility.

People – The success of any business is dependent on the owners ability to attract good people.  Once they are introduced to our company philosophy of establishing “Win-Win” relationships, Employees are set on the right path to success.  Technical skills are important; however, technology is constantly changing.  The employee’s ability to learn new skills and process is key to their development.

Systems – We invest significant amounts of time and money to constantly upgrade the tools we use to do our work.  Our main tools include software, hardware, checklists and procedures.  One example is setting up internal E-Mail, which allows us to limit staff meetings, document issues and communicate to each other without delay.  Setting up the proper procedures takes time and energy however, the rewards have taken us to the next level of office management.